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Hands-on Access to Knowledge

Doug Stewart

The East Coast IFR Experience

Becoming Pilot in Command 

Ride with Doug Stewart and his pilot-in-training as they fly from New England to Florida and back in his Cessna 177RG.  Over 40 hours of video, nav logs, charts, and post flight analyses.

Introductory Special Pricing


Create the Ideal PC Sim Platform

Create the home PC flight simulator environment you need.  Watch our new on-demand program, Your PC Flight Simulator, featuring sim expert Kevin Meyers.  He can help get you from zero to hero in short order.  Ideal for experienced pilots who want to build proficiency, students who want to learn or aviation enthusiasts for entertainment.

You can also schedule a One-to-One session with Kevin and get custom solutions to your flight simulation experience.  From pre-acquisition to virtual ATC he can help you get started and take you to the next level.


Learn to Aviate

A decidedly pilot-centric approach to flying with Rich Stowell.  The first two events in a series of personal learning opportunities.


"Pilot's Guide to All-Attitude Training"

Rich shows you how to be the Pilot-in-Command of your all-attitude training experience. Whether it’s spin, emergency maneuver, upset prevention and recovery, or aerobatic training, learn how to evaluate prospective training providers, their airplanes, and their syllabi. Get informed and improve your odds of a safe and highly rewarding all-attitude training experience.  Group event limited to 10 attendees.



"Pitch + Power = Performance"

Rich demonstrates that performance is a consequence of three pilot-controlled variables, and that performance always consists of two parts. Many key operating speeds and limitations are also revealed.  Group event limited to 10 attendees.