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We're building a network of experts in every field of aviation that you can access for knowledge and hands-on training.  This is a burgeoning community for pilots, students, flight instructors and aviation enthusiasts.  Opportunities include scenario-based training, proficiency, transition, stick & rudder, back country, UAV, tail wheel, IFR, and much more.


Choose from an initial assortment of live Events and on-demand Programs featuring instructors, educators and mentors.  Stay on this frequency for updates.

Instructors - Educators - Experts

The East Coast IFR Experience

Doug Stewart offers several IFR training trips designed to give pilots an intense and thorough exposure to flying in the IFR system. His longest is the East Coast IFR Experience (ECIE).

Expert Doug Stewart


Choose from a powerful network of instructors, educators and mentors.  These are subject matter experts who are united in their love of aviation and teaching.  Connect with live Events, one-to-one or in a groups with one-to-more.  Watch professionally produced Programs on-demand.  Get the knowledge you want, and the training you need, directly from a trusted source.

EAA Pilot Proficiency Center 2021

Coming to a sim near you...

AirVenture is on this year and the Pilot Proficiency Center (PPC) will be open for business at the four corners. But if you can't make it to Oshkosh you have some other options.

Expert Proficiency365™


Connect live with experts from around the world.  Choose from a wide array of aviation topics and subjects.  Get the answers you need and the knowledge you want.  One-to-One or One-to-More.

Airline Procedures for GA Pilots

Best Practices from Retired Delta Captain Gary Schank

Learn to apply the same discipline and standards to general aviation flying that airline captains are trained to do. Gary Schank's extensive aviation career (22,000 + hours) includes time as an instructor and line check airman. As the owner and active pilot of a Beechcraft A36 Bonanza Gary uses the same system that he used in the Boeing 737 and other commercial aircraft.

Expert Gary Schank


View professionally produced content from experts on-demand. 

Learn - Do - Fly

We believe that you learn best by doing.  LEARN from qualified experts and then DO begin to embed procedures with simulation exercises and scenario-based training.  So when you FLY you know you've been there before and you're the pilot in command.

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