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We're building a network of experts in every field of aviation that you can access for knowledge and hands-on training.  This is a burgeoning community for pilots, students, flight instructors and aviation enthusiasts.  Opportunities include scenario-based training, proficiency, transition, stick & rudder, back country, UAV, tail wheel, IFR, and much more.


Choose from an initial assortment of live Events and on-demand Programs featuring instructors, educators and mentors.  Stay on this frequency for updates.

Instructors - Educators - Experts

Spring to Proficiency

EAA Pilot Proficiency Center April 24 - 28

An immersive IFR clinic to be held at the new EAA Pilot Proficiency Center at Oshkosh utilizing best-in-class instructors and personalized scenario-based training. Learn-Do-Fly with us and jump start your spring flying season. Proficiency is safety.

Expert Jason Archer


Choose from a powerful network of instructors, educators and mentors.  These are subject matter experts who are united in their love of aviation and teaching.  Connect with live Events, one-to-one or in a groups with one-to-more.  Watch professionally produced Programs on-demand.  Get the knowledge you want, and the training you need, directly from a trusted source.

Remote Training

Join the rapidly growing community of pilots who are training remotely, from their home flight simulator, with professional flight instructors. Special $39 introductory price.

Expert Larry Jarkey


Connect live with experts from around the world.  Choose from a wide array of aviation topics and subjects.  Get the answers you need and the knowledge you want.  One-to-One or One-to-More.

Aviating at the Correlation Level

"Nine Principles of Light Aircraft Flying", by Rich Stowell

Award-winning Master Flight Instructor Rich Stowell recently published a paper identifying the first principles of light airplane flying. Nine principles are offered, divided into the three categories; Mindset, Motion, and Mechanics. The paper explores the principles vis-à-vis familiar concepts that stem from them, as well as examples of the principles applied during training. Connections between the principles and representative examples of training content and activities are illustrated as well.

Expert Rich Stowell


View professionally produced content from experts on-demand. 

Learn - Do - Fly

A good pilot is a healthy mix of mathematician, scientist and athlete, part mechanic and all curiosity.  They must know everything about their airplane;  control surfaces, power plant, the avionic systems, tire pressure.  Because, while the heart of an airplane is metal, fabric or composite;  the bloodstream fuel and oil, its brain is the person who flies it.

Adopted from Wings for this Man, AAF 1945