Rich Stowell

Think, See, Fly in 3D


What if you could sense roll, yaw, and pitch no matter the attitude of the airplane?  Or consistently break down any maneuver into its parts?  Even if you’ve never flown the maneuver before!  We’ll play with basic object motion, deconstruct everyday maneuvers, create stupidly simple lesson plans, and expand your awareness with classroom and simulator training exercises.


Monday, July 22nd & Thursday July 25th 08:00 & 13:00 CT

Pilot Proficiency at EAA AirVenture 2024


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The Workshop


Interactive Discussion

Leading a free-form discussion that fosters an open mindset and explores new learning methods.  You'll be playing, learning and having fun as we drill into the principles of mindset, motion and mechanics of light aircraft flying. 


Activity Lab

Reviewing the principles of basic object motion.  Dividing into small groups to develop our own lesson plans.  Then swapping them among ourselves.  Ultimately reconnecting with the Optimal Learning theme, which is Learn-Do-Fly.

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Flight Simulation

Applying the language from our word wall (yes we built that earlier) and using our maneuver cards  to challenge each other at the sim.  Switching roles.  Teachers will become students.  Learners to educators.  Verbalizing while we fly.

Rich Stowell has been instructing since 1987. A subject matter expert in loss of control, he’s the 2014 National FAASTeam Rep of the Year and the 2006 National Flight Instructor of the Year. Rich has provided 9,300 hours of flight instruction, logging 35,000 spins along the way. In addition to publishing several books, he is the author of The Nine Principles of Light Airplane Flying.

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