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Let's get started with an Orientation & Discovery Session.  This will help me understand your goals, needs and budget.  From there I can better direct you to a next step where we can begin our building process.  Book an Orientation and Discovery session with me today.


Get started with an Orientation & Discovery Session ZOOM One-to-One with Kevin Today



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Solutions to Common Home Sim Challenges

Setting up a home flight simulator can be complicated, frustrating and expensive.  But it doesn't have to be.  If you're stuck at any point in your quest for building the ideal home flight simulation experience please reach out to me so I can help.  I offer solutions to what I see as the biggest obstacles to getting the home sim setup you want.  Let's Start with an Orientation & Discovery Session so we can get you to awesome as soon as possible.  One-to-One.

Orientation & Discovery

Everyone should begin here so Kevin can best understand their needs, goals and budget.  Once he's reviewed your current situation he can readily recommend a next step.    Start here!  – 30 minutes

Specifying the Requirements

If you know your objectives and budget I can help pull things together.  When we're done you'll have a complete shopping list and be ready to order.  Who said shopping can't be fun? – 60 minutes

Installation & Configuration

You've got all the pieces but you need help assembling your dream machine.  Let's take stock of what we have and what we need so we can power up, install and configure. – 90 minutes

Clean Up & Tune Up

You've got a new computer and need to reinstall your simulation software.  That new flight control stick has arrived.  You want updated nav data.  You need help to get where you want to be. – 90 minutes

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About Kevin

Kevin has been around aviation for all of his life, but his passion took off in 2006 when he began using computer flight simulators. With those, he was able to self-teach a lot of the basics behind flying which led to him stumbling across the flight simulator online community. Kevin was asked to be a part of the launch of PilotEdge’s live air traffic control online network in 2010 and has been heavily involved with them ever since. Kevin’s aviation involvement outside of flight simulation has included several trips to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, some work in airport operations, and private business aviation charter.  See more of what Kevin has to offer including help with PilotEdge.