Ready to Taxi


Try not to have a deviation or incursion as you deal with taxi instructions at Los Angeles International (KLAX), an airport the size of Rhode Island that keeps even the most experienced pilots on their toes.  Hope you packed lunch.




You’re parked at the Signature FBO on the south ramp at Los Angeles International Airport.  Call ground and request taxi to runway 6R for a straight out departure.  If you somehow end up on taxiway Zulu, be sure to give way to the Warrior who has been taxiing since the debut of Betamax.  Airport diagrams and extra brake pads included.

If you make it to the runway and still have any fuel left, there may even be time for you to swap over to the tower and actually fly the takeoff.

Pre-brief and Fly More!

Arrive well briefed for this flight and get extra sim time.  Access and review the materials here.