Plenty of Spice at Spicewood, TX



This scenario has you flying an extended left base to RW 17 at 88R.  As you turn final you'll wonder what happened to the asphalt crew.  That's a narrow landing strip and the wind is making a centerline touchdown darned important.



The winds are from the east-southeast at 15 knots.  The runway is 4,185’ X 30’ without any visual glide path indicators.  The airport sits atop a bluff, giving the pilot the illusion of being high on approach.  Airport comments note, “narrow runway with soft, unimproved edges”.

The runway and topography will challenge you with visual illusions and a crosswind.  The importance of picking an aim point to assist in stabilizing your approach is critical.  This is Stick and Rudder training at its best and using the sim to fly into Spicewood will help you gauge whether you have the precision you need for a runway like this.  

We love sims for building muscle memory and working on your pitch/power aimpoint coordination.

Pre-brief and Fly More!

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