Los Bravos

Flying the LAX Class B


There are parts of the country where transitioning Class B is getting, “cleared through the Bravo airspace".  But at LAX, you'll need to be on your game or among the brave.


Many pilots are intimidated by Bravo airspace and often give it an exceedingly wide berth. The good news is there are awesome transition routes which you absolutely CAN fly and, best of all, they remove any mystery about the course and altitudes to be used.

 The LAX Bravo is pretty chill. You can fly ANY route you like, as long as it’s the SMO 128 radial and the altitude is between 2,499’ and 2,501’ (not inclusive).

Don’t worry, the LAX TAC chart inset will save the day and spell it out in detail. And you thought radials were only found on wheels.

Your flight starts over Malibu Beach at 3500’, about 10nm west of Santa Monica. Your mission is to fly the LAX Mini-Route transition using the materials provided and then land at the Torrance Zamperini airport (TOA) just on the other side of LAX.  Call the KSMO tower with your location and request the mini-route transition to KTOA prior to entering the Delta airspace.

Pre-brief and Fly More!

Arrive well briefed for this flight and get extra sim time.  Access and review the materials here.