Easy Does It into Long Beach


This scenario will get you acclimated to the IFR capabilities of the Redbird sim.  You’ll start cruising VFR on top and then get vectored to an ILS into Long Beach where the weather is just a little lower than marginal VFR.  You’ll get squared away with the avionics suite since you’ll use the NAV/COM equipment to communicate with ATC and shoot the ILS.

Starting airborne southeast of Long Beach airport, PilotEdge controllers will give you vectors to the ILS approach for Runway 30.  You’ll descend through a 1,000 foot cloud layer on the way to the threshold.  Conditions at KLGB are IFR with an 800 foot ceiling and 2 miles visibility.  If you fly the LOC and slope, you’ll have plenty of time to transition to visual reference and land.  This will be a full stop so plan to exit the runway to complete the scenario.  

Good luck and be sure to ask a one of our NAFI or SAFE members for help if you have any questions.

Pre-brief and Fly More!

Arrive well briefed for this flight and get extra sim time.  Access and review the materials here.