Hold on a Minute!

Sure you can fly a hold on the missed, you’ve done it thousand times. What happens, though, when the radio crackles to life with, “I have holding instructions for you, advise ready to copy?”  This is bad.   You might even need to stop reading your email.

Yes, enroute holds are rare, but if a runway is closed for plowing or the plane ahead of you doesn’t cancel IFR at a non-towered field in IMC, then this just might happen to you. Holding is relatively easy, but working out what the holding track looks like and which entry is the most efficient is what normally gets people all flustered.

The truth is, once you visualize the holding pattern and work out the entry, holding is no big deal when the winds are cooperating. If you can draw it, you can fly it!  

Your scenario starts out in the enroute phase of flight, heading to San Diego. You’re cruising along V25, southeast bound along the California coast when the call comes in the radio. This is your chance to copy down and accurately interpret a random enroute hold. Here’s the good news, after you’re established in the hold, we’ll restart the scenario again and you’ll do it a few more times with slightly different holding instructions. Now, hold on and enjoy the view of the PACIFic while you’re at it.

SAFE and NAFI instructors will be glad to help you prep or debrief if you have any questions.

Pre-brief and Fly More!

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