SID Vicious

TEB1.TEB Runway 24


Odds are there is a SID in your future so why not take charge of your destiny and make that happen here, in a sim with an instructor?  Use your instruments like a rock star.

In fact, why not tackle the single most violated SID in the country? Welcome to KTEB Teterboro, NJ.  You’ve already picked up your IFR clearance to Allentown, PA, which includes the TEB SID. You’re positioned on runway 24, and already have your takeoff clearance.  

Well? Get to it! There’s a line of jets behind you and they sound grumpy.  The scenario ends when you complete the main portion of the SID, not that Allentown isn’t just lovely this time of year.

SAFE and NAFI instructors will be glad to help you prep or debrief if you have any questions.

Pre-brief and Fly More!

Arrive well briefed for this flight and get extra sim time.  Access and review the materials here.