Choosing the "Least Onerous Route"


Don’t feel bad, we’re not sure what ‘onerous’ means either. It just seems like a transparent attempt to dump a bunch of vowels while playing Scrabble.  Perhaps it’s the ODP's? 

ODP's (Obstacle Departure Procedures) can be flown at your discretion in a number of cases, but at some airports, they are actually assigned as part of the IFR clearance. What does that even sound like? Hint: ATC never actually uses the word ‘obstacle’ in the clearance.  Let’s find out!

Pick up a clearance from Brown Field in San Diego, an airport which includes one of these bad boys in every IFR clearance. Notice that this upgrades the vowel-laden clunkers from “you can fly them if you want” to “you can fly them if you’d like to remain instrument rated.”  We’ll also see just how long the plan holds together if you’re flying in a typical radar environment.

SAFE and NAFI instructors will be glad to help you prep or debrief if you have any questions.

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