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Connecting Learning with Doing

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A good pilot proficiency regimen includes solid academics, quality simulator time, and hands-on experience in an airplane.  Our aim is to develop a network that offers pilots easy and affordable access to such a package.

The NTSB has put loss-of-control on its general aviation Most Wanted list for 2015.  In response, the Mindstar Aviation Community will debut a unique, month-long Pilot Proficiency Demonstration beginning on Wednesday, March 25th.  

The Pilot Proficiency Demonstration is an initial offering from Mindstar Aviation Community that combines interactive knowledge courses with flight simulation scenario training for a integrated learning experience. 

Mindstar Aviation Community is grateful to SAFE and EAA for its sponsorship of the Pilot Proficiency Demonstration.  Special thanks is extended to AOPA and AVEMCO for their assistance.

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Tell me more about the Demonstration

The program consists of interactive webinars coupled with the opportunity to fly a specially designed simulation scenario.  Two webinar topics will be presented live each week beginning on March 25th and lasting four weeks: “Loss of Control and Stall/Spin Awareness” by Rich Stowell on Wednesdays; “Preparing for the Unexpected” by Doug Stewart on Thursdays.

A companion simulator scenario dubbed the “Shenandoah Sortie” has been developed with the cooperation of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, SAFE.  The highly realistic simulation scenario incorporates many of the concepts, tips, and techniques presented in the webinars.   The webinars are available to pilots everywhere (space permitting) and the “Shenandoah Sortie” will be available at eight locations in the greater Washington, DC area also starting on March 25th. 

Pilots will fly the scenario on the AirspaceVR communications network developed by Mindstar Aviation.  The simulation experience includes full radio capabilities, including access to ATC, an enhanced weather presentation as well as improved airplane handling characteristics.

During the month-long exhibition sim users at any of National Capital Area Flight Simulation Network locations will have access to CTAF frequencies and all area ATC services.  Bring your headset!