Flight Simulation Network


Our Beta Community


The National Capital Area Flight Simulation Network is our first local community.  It consists of nineteen (19) simulation devices at ten (10) locations on (8) eight local airports.  Over twenty-five (25) different aircraft, from a Cessna 172 to the King Air 350, are represented on Redbird advanced aircraft training devices (AATD's).  Additionally there are four desktop JAY's.

Leesburg, VA - JYO
AV-ED Flight School (FMX)
Aviation Adventures (FMX)
Atlantic Airways (TD)
Manassas, VA - HEF
Aviation Adventures (FMX)
Fredericksburg, VA - EZF
JLS Aviation (LD)
Stafford, VA - RMN
Aviation Adventures (TD)
Warrenton, VA - HWY
Aviation Adventures (LD)
Winchester, VA - OKV
AV-ED Flight School
Bowie, MD - W00
Freeway Aviation
Frederick, MD - FDK
Sterling, VA
Potomac Flight Training (MCX) *
Washington, DC
AOPA (LD) * 


* no public simulator access at this time


Washington, DC

The simulation devices at each of these network locations feature the AirspaceVR communication software.  The airspace is virtual but the pilots are real.  You can see, hear and talk with each other on the network.  All CTAF frequencies can be used for pilot to pilot communications.

ATC services are available for specific simulation scenario courses, such as the "Shenandoah Sortie".

This Washington, DC community is envisioned to be the first of many such networks organized by Mindstar nationwide.  New features will be introduced and tested here before released to other locations.  If you are not located in the capital area but are interested in building a network near you, please let us know.  We'd love to talk with you.

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