Rob Dumovic

Don't Let your Enthusiasm exceed your Energy


In our workshop we'll be using energy management concepts in all phases of flight to improve decision making with a focus on emergencies in all phases of flight.  During our simulator session, we will be presented with a scenarios that will challenge our use of these concepts in order to observe reactions to stress and critical thinking.


Wednesday, July 24th and Friday July 26th 08:00 CT

Pilot Proficiency at EAA AirVenture 2024


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The Workshop


Interactive Discussion

Flying an airplane is not like driving a car.  We all know that, but what do we really know?  How does the airplane climb?  What drives performance?  How do we control angle of attack?  We'll get to the bottom of this, together.


Activity Lab

Climb performance and maneuvering performance are key indicators of your airplane's performance.  We'll examine speed (V), G-load (G), and power (P) to reveal a 3D picture of performance for specified conditions.

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Flight Simulation

We'll use the sim to apply the mechanics of energy management.  Controlling angle of attack with pitch, controlling altitude with power.  Coordinating elevator and throttle movements to achieve desired performance.  

Rob has been a professional flight instructor since 2007 teaching both part 61 and 141. He currently specializes in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training as well as aerobatic instruction. When he's not performing DPE duties or teaching, he enjoys Advanced Level Competition Aerobatics in the Extra 300. Rob is excited to share experiences and lessons learned in his over 11,000 flight hours with the guests at the Pilot Proficiency Center.

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