Mike "Vac" Vaccaro

Using Angle of Attack for Maneuvering and Aircraft Control

The two fundamental skills required to fly an airplane are controlling angle of attack (AOA) to generate lift, and power to generate speed and altitude.  From a practical standpoint, everything your aircraft does is based on an angle of attack.   This briefing is a pilot-focused approach that explains how AOA is fundamental when maneuvering an airplane.  It will explain what AOA is, how to “fly the wing” during all phases of flight and maneuvering using AOA, and how AOA and power control are integrally related.


Wednesday, July 24th 13:00 Central

Pilot Proficiency at EAA AirVenture 2024



An Introduction to AoA Indicator Systems


Expert Presentations

Hear industry and government leaders share the advances in AoA technology that are making their way into the cockpit and that are making flying safer.  Three 45-minute briefings at the EAA PPC.  Register ahead and reserve your slot.

13:00 - 16:00

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Simulation Workshops

Fly a true replica of the Garmin GI 260 and experience flying scenarios using an AoA indicator with aural tones on one of twelve Redbird flight simulation devices.  Orientation and demonstration by trained flight instructors.  Reserve your slot.

13:00 - 17:00

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Meet and Greet

Mix, mingle and speak with knowledgeable experts in the field of Angle of Attack.  Get first hand appreciation for just how simple flying AoA indicators can be,

16:00 - 17:00

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Mike “Vac” Vaccaro, CFII/MEI, USAF Fighter Weapons School Instructor Pilot, test pilot and squadron commander.  A current airline Pilot, Vac learned to fly in 1979.  The FlyONSPEED team won the EAA Founder’s Innovation Prize in 2018 and grand championship in 2021 for excellence in angle of attack system design and test.