Maintaining Aircraft Control

A series beginning with Rich Stowell and a nationwide network of flight training providers utilizing the Learn-Do-Fly method.

Our goal as a community is to provide great resources for aviators who want to learn.  We will strive to give you helpful tools to do more, provide access to subject matter experts, great educators, flight training opportunities and most importantly each other.  Rich Stowell helps us start this conversation so please become part of it.  Welcome.


AV-ED / Greg Ashby - Leesburg, VA     Atlantic Airways / Will Wobbe - Leesburg, VA    

Michael Phillips - Camarillo, CA     Judy Phelps - Santa Paula, CA

Meg Godlewski - Puyallup, WA     Will Allen - Renton, WA & Tucson, AZ

Jeanne MacPherson - Helena, MT     Summit Aviation / Justin Waugh - Belgrade, MT

Executive Flyers / Mike Goulian & Robert Dumovic - Boston area, MA

Sterling Flight Center / Erik Jones - Jacksonville, FL    

Patty Wagstaff & Allan Moore - St. Augustine, FL

Kent State College - Kent, OH     Bad Attitude llc / Tyler Kahn & John Dye - Salem, OH

Rich Stowell - Boise, ID