EMT® Module I

A Four Lesson Ground School Program

Live Webinars and/or Recorded Broadcasts

with Rich Stowell

Lesson I:    Wednesday, October 21st at 20:00 EDT
Lesson II:   Tuesday, October 27th at 20:00 EDT
Lesson III:  Thursday, October 29th at 20:00 EDT
Lesson IV:  Monday, November 2nd at 20:00 EST


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The EMT® Program has been taught to aviators ranging in experience from student pilots to airline captains, from corporate pilots to military test pilots.  EMT® students have traveled to meet Rich Stowell from points across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; from Australia, Indonesia, and Japan; from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland — all to experience a program designed to expand their flying skills as well as to have as much fun as one can in an airplane.  Now Rich can come to you...

Lesson I - 45 mins + Q&A
Climbing Dutch Rolls / Turns & Slow Flight / Stalls—Power On & Power Off / Rudder Stall Exercise / Introduce One-Turn Spin


Lesson II - 45 mins + Q&A
Review / One-Turn Spins Left & Right / Two-Turn Spins Left & Right / Spin Orientation / 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land


Lesson III - 45 mins + Q&A
Review / Spin Dynamics / Selected Aggravated Spin Modes / Unusual Attitudes—Spin Recoveries / 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land


Lesson IV - 45 mins + Q&A
Review / Incipient Spin Entries / Skidding Turns / Critical Flight Operations / Spirals / 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land


Each of the four sessions is recorded and shared with all registrants whether they attend the live session or not.  View these broadcasts as often as, and whenever, you like.

FAA WINGS credit for attending - Limited Space Available