FISK VFR Arrival to OSH

 Scenario of the Day:  Monday 7/24

Any pilot who has flown the FISK arrival to Oshkosh knows it can be very challenging.  If you're inbound VFR for the Pilot Proficiency Center, this makes for a solid sim orientation.  Try your hand at the controls of the Redbird LD.  You'll be off to a good start.  ORIENTATION FLIGHT.


There are numerous aircraft in the air and on the ground…you’re operating in radio silence…and the tower is counting on you to fly precisely while staying ready to do something you hadn’t planned if it smooths traffic flow. 

You are inbound today for Airventure with all of this in mind.  Oh, and the winds are out of the west at 18 knots so you will have a heck of a wind from the left, the right, or right down centerline depending on  runway assignment.  

As you pass over FISK, you might be asked to:

- Land on runway 27 on the Orange Dot   
- Land on the runway 27 threshold  
- Turn right to land on runway 18 right  
- Turn right to land on runway 18 right on the blue dot  
- Fly a left base for runway 36L and land on the yellow dot  

This is a great exercise for honing your situational awareness and actively staying ahead of the airplane.  You’ll need to keep your eyes outside the cockpit and stay on top of your speeds and aim point in windy conditions.  But don’t sweat it too much…you are in a sim and what we do in sims is test and tune up skills! If you find you need some more practice, go get some in a Redbird sim near you. 

Pre-brief and Fly More!

Arrive well briefed for this flight and get extra sim time.  Access and review the materials here.