Getting Night Current

Scenario of the Day:  Monday 7/24 & Saturday 7/29

You have promised to take a friend for a sightseeing flight around Cape Cod tomorrow evening.  However, you need one more takeoff and landing to a full stop to maintain your night currency and you’ll have to get that done tonight.  It'll be dark, real dark.  Just like this picture.



You plan to depart out of Provincetown (KPVC) with a stop at Hyannis (KHYA) for dinner.  The winds are favoring runway 07. It’s a new moon night with overcast clouds at 5,000’ so it is going to be pretty darn dark.

Savvy airmen understand that night operations can be challenging, especially when ground references are scarce.  This scenario-based training exercise challenges you with conditions in the landing pattern that range from modest visual references to a “black hole” when you turn towards the water.  Test your ability to adjust to a changing sight picture as you proceed around the pattern and your instrument scan in demanding VFR conditions.  

Pre-brief and Fly More!

Arrive well briefed for this flight and get extra sim time.  Access and review the materials here.